Victoria City Hall blinks on Clover Pt. pedestrian-only scheme

Victoria City Hall blinks on Clover Pt. pedestrian-only scheme

Victoria City Hall has blinked when it comes to a ban parking at wind-swept Clover Point … long an all-season destination where seniors can park and enjoy a million dollar view in all weathers.

After a lengthy debate, council has deferred the decision on whether to turn Clover Point into a pedestrian-only park, and has asked city staff to put together new options for the area. City staff originally recommended a plan that would eliminate the 90 vehicle parking spots, in favour of green space, seating, picnic tables, event space, and public art. 17 parking spaces, including 4 accessible spaces, would be located north of the loop.

At Thursday’s committee of the whole meeting, Coun. Ben Isitt said he was in favour of the design but wanted 13 accessible parking spaces instead of 4, while Coun. Charlayne Thornton-Joe said she would not support the elimination of the parking loop. Accessibility issues were brought up, and other councillors suggested making a smaller parking loop or closing only half of the area to vehicles. Staff have been directed to put together additional options that include more accessible parking along with pedestrian space by Feb. 25

The Capital Daily initially reported that city staff were recommending that its current construction closure, in place for two years now, be made permanent. The area would be enhanced with amenities such as picnic tables and food trucks. The closed area (in green here) would be closed off to cars but remain paved for at least the immediate future and would be painted.

“These upgrades would cost $250,000 and would not require further public consultations, although consultations on the park’s long-term form would be held in future years. To remain accessible to people with disabilities the design would feature a drop-off zone and four designated accessible parking slots.

“Special Olympics athlete Sheenagh Morrison told CHEK that she feels the other parking spots up on Dallas Road are too unsafe for people with wheelchairs and walkers, and more parking is needed on the point.”

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2 thoughts on “Victoria City Hall blinks on Clover Pt. pedestrian-only scheme

  1. Roy

    Leave as is

  2. Ian R Whitfield
    Ian R Whitfield says:

    I agree with Roy. Just leave as is.

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