Keep BC’s Family Day a family affair in this year of COVID – The Premier’s office

Keep BC’s Family Day a family affair in this year of COVID – The Premier’s office

With Valentines and Family Day back to back this year, the message from the BC Premier’s office is simple.  Stay home and stay within the family if you are celebrating.

Amid an Arctic blast heading into the Year of the Ox, John Horgan says we are all looking forward to change but we shouldn’t “jump the gun” where COVID-19 is concerned.

Skiers may want to take advantage of the snow and are encouraged to do so, at a hill close to home.

Ski, enjoy and refrain from group gatherings afterwards.

Public Health officials remind us week after week that group gatherings “apres” have been responsible for many outbreaks of COVID in the communities.

Meanwhile, vaccines and notifications for 80 plus BCers are slated for March. While details are vague at this time, Horgan says Caucus will get the message out to the elderly cohort in their various ethnic communities, and he hopes the Liberals will also pitch in to deliver the message in every language.

Early vaccination plans were criticized in many ethnic communities where those most likely to be impacted could not understand the message, generally available only in English and French.

Another reminder; elderly neighbours who don’t have the technology to access information on vaccines may need to rely on good neighbours to access the information or to contact Public Health for vaccine information.

The Premier’s Question and Answer opened and closed with reminders to stay home and stay safe. Horgan signed off saying  tourists are important to our province and they will be welcome, just not now.

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