Don’t travel – government cancels spring break on the beach

Don’t travel – government cancels spring break on the beach

At this time last year, Quebecers were planning their spring break vacations; short weeks later the province was hit with the first wave of COVID-19 in large numbers that public health officials blamed on travelers.

As of now, the federal government and Canadian airlines have suspended flights to the Caribbean and Mexico until the beginning of May, effectively canceling spring break travel plans.

New variants in the virus have public health officials concerned about travel, the chief source of infection.

All international flights will now land at Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto and Montreal International airports, period.

New rules for international travel will include a mandatory three-night stay in a government-approved hotel upon entry to Canada while travelers await the results of a COVID-19 molecular test. Costs for the tests and hotel stays and expenses are paid by travelers.  Government cites a $2,000 cost for the short stay. When exactly this restriction begins we don’t yet know.

You won’t be returning to your own home to isolate until you have a clean test result. A mandatory 14-day quarantine is still required.

Anyone testing positive will be isolated at a government facility.

The rules still require an approved COVID-19 test before departure for one of the four hubs.

International travelers planning to return to Canada during the suspension will need to contact their airline carrier.

Meanwhile much of the European Union has banned all but essential travel or access for travelers from countries reporting new variants. The likelihood of more travel restrictions grows with the numbers of COVID deaths in countries such as France, Germany, the Czech Republic and Portugal while Italy is avoiding greater restrictions at this time.

The message is loud and clear, don’t plan on any spring break vacations in the sun or foreign shores (non-essential travel) this year. It could be very costly, in more ways than one.

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