Family Caregivers survey on COVID-19 impacts goes to Dec. 18

Family Caregivers survey on COVID-19 impacts goes to Dec. 18

Family Caregivers of BC (FCBC) wants to reach the 1.3 million family and friend caregivers in British Columbia to provide information on the critical role they play in our provincial healthcare system.

FCBC has launched a provincewide survey to determine the impact of COVID-19 on caregivers both in the community and in care facilities. These are the unpaid, often unacknowledged people whose contribution helps the health system to function.

The results of the 15-minute survey will be provided to the Ministry of Health, Health Authorities and other community agencies to aid policy and practice decisions that will recognize the role of caregivers.

The survey will also help the FCBC to focus the programs and services they provide in responding to caregivers’ needs.

Are you a caregiver? Do you know someone, a friend, colleague or family member who can fill out the survey? You might want to share the survey on your social media platforms.

The survey is available until Friday, December 18th.

You can take the survey online or call the Caregiver Support Line at 1-877-520-3267 for assistance on the phone.

A prepared message with a link to the survey is available for Twitter, Instagram and Facebook if you want to make us of it.

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