Premier Horgan is Canada’s Mr. Congeniality

Premier Horgan is Canada’s Mr. Congeniality

BC’s Premier John Horgan led the premiers’ pack in popularity in August according to the latest release from the Angus Reid Institute.

Horgan has a 69 per cent approval rating while Ontario’s Doug Ford is the second most popular premier in Canada with a 66 per cent approval rating.

Alberta’s Jason Kenney is second to last at 44 per cent, leading Newfoundland and Labrador’s newly minted Premier Andrew Furey, an unknown with 34 per cent.

Horgan’s approval rating seems to reflect the province’s strong response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic rising from a low of 46 per cent in February to a high of 71 per cent in May.

Pundits, pollsters and political junkies are air-nudging each other at an appropriate six-foot distance with whispers of a fall election. Under the current legislation, the Province of BC must call an election on or before October 16, 2021.

The pundits could be right, no government in Canada is going to want to go to the polls after a COVID winter if they can help it. Better to take your chances now.

BC’s NDP holds 41 seats in the Legislature in coalition with the Green Party and its two seats, for a majority. The Liberals hold 42 seats and there are currently two MLAs sitting as Independents.

Any fall election in BC would run the risk of playing second-banana to the never-ending Twitterings south of the border. By mid-October, the current “niceties” from the presidential camps should be erupting in an Internet and headline bashing frenzy, leading to the November 3 election.

Our simple economic, pandemic and election logistics issues would make for pretty boring headlines in comparison to the carnivorous campaigns next door.

Maybe it is a good thing Canadians are so polite.

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