Pensioners getting a break here and there …

Pensioners getting a break here and there …

BC pensioners with the BC Public ServiceCollege Pension, Teachers Pension and municipal pension plans will see a little bonus in their bank accounts for the three months of summer. 

Green Shield Canada is cutting premiums for Dental Coverage by 75 per cent and Extended Health Care premiums by eight per cent for July, August and September. 

Municipal pension plan employees will enjoy the same relief on their premiums under the Pacific Blue Cross plan.  

BC Public Service pensioners will want to hang onto those dollars just in case the current review of extended benefits, that are not guaranteed for pensioners, brings about reductions in coverage due to increased demand and drug costs. 

Check your current newsletter for your pension status.  

A little more news for Municipal Pension Plan members: You will see improvements to coverage for your extended health care group benefits beginning next January, including extended vision coverage, eye exams and shingles vaccine coverage. 

For College pensioners, the cap on the Cost of Living Allowance (COLA) has been lifted. The COLA is based on the cost of living averaged over a year. 

Some in, some out. Keep calm and carry on.

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