Share your ideas to rebuild BC

Share your ideas to rebuild BC

Add your voice to COVID-19 recovery plans in BC.  A new provincial government survey has a brief overview of business, health and personal priorities for you to answer. It is available online until 4 p.m. on July 21st.


The 10- minute survey asks you how the current recovery is doing and what you would like to see government focus on going forward. Health care, jobs, training, climate change, food security, province-wide high speed internet and childcare are the main choices.

A couple of the questions have choices that are poorly written; someone missed them in pandemic fatigue. Hopefully, you can still get your voice across with the written options.

A provincial response paper and virtual town halls with the Finance Minister Carole James round out the three tools available ahead of the government rollout of Phase 3 reopening.

You can read and comment on the provincial paper, Building B.C.’s Recovery, Together.

Or join the first provincial virtual townhall on the phone or online on Thursday, June 25 and submit your questions by June 24th.

Let’s see what rolls out, and when.  Meanwhile, it’s nearly summer, enjoy the day.


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