Lose all sense of time in the jigsaw dimension

Lose all sense of time in the jigsaw dimension

So many puzzle fans took to passing pandemic downtime doing jigsaws that they became a very desirable commodity, and subsequently, hard to find.

Most Victoria puzzlers are familiar with Cobble Hill, a successful local brand that can be found on puzzle shelves and online sites everywhere.

Cobble Hills is so busy providing retailers with product they have quit taking online orders. Instead, they are providing puzzles online.

Try the Online Activities page on the Cobble Hill site.  You can choose the size or number of pieces, click on full screen, scramble the pieces and it saves if you take a break. The site tries to offer a new puzzle each week.

Microsoft Xbox PC games also offers online puzzles.  Microsoft Jigsaw includes Classic Jigsaws, timed puzzle games, Daily Challenges or you can create your own from your own photos. The site is free and includes ads; for a price you can get rid of the ads.

It’s a little hard to share the online puzzles which may appeal to the covetous puzzler. It’s also much easier to take it with you anywhere you go, an option not generally available with the classic puzzle in a box.

If you aren’t comfortable venturing into retail stores to search for puzzles or you have a newfound penchant for online shopping, those same stores offer dozens of puzzles online.

Purists can still find their jigsaw fix in pristine boxes on retail shelves at Bolen Books, Oscar and Libby’s, Tanners Books and Munro’s Books to name a few.  Shop the store, shop online and pick it up curbside, instore or go for delivery.

Some dollar stores carry a good number of puzzles, and consignment stores or thrift stores can be a gold mine if a missing or mangled piece isn’t a deal breaker.

You may have a preferred brand like Ravensbuger or Pomegranate; a preferred cut – random or ribbon; or a preferred size of 500 to 2000 pieces.  They are all still out there.

In a box or online, you have choices. Maybe it’s time to try something outside the box.

*(One little hint for online puzzle shopping for mass market sites like Amazon, enter Jigsaw Puzzles in the search box or you will end up with endless crossword and Sudoku books as well.)

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