Puzzled about distractions? Think puzzles

Puzzled about distractions? Think puzzles

Filling the hours in a restricted world requires a variety of distractions.

TV offerings are slim and repetitive; not every book is an engaging read and your eyes need a break from the computer screen.

Time to retrieve some old gems from the closet.  Scrabble, Monopoly and crib boards still reside on many shelves side by side with your favourite puzzles.

Games you can play over and over, but the same old puzzle isn’t quite as interesting the third time around.

Stores like Bolen Books will open May 19th for shopping with restrictions. Or, you can online order books, puzzle books, games and puzzles …for curbside pickup or delivery.

Oscar and Libby’s has dozens of puzzle choices available online for pickup or delivery Monday to Friday.

Out on the peninsula, Tanners Books has books, puzzle and puzzle books available online for pickup at the storefront. Free delivery is limited to seniors in residences or people who are self-isolating. Delivery to others is a flat $8.

As well, you can check out your favourite second hand or consignment store.  Value Village reopens on the May long weekend.

Whether it’s 500 piece puzzles … 1,000 and 1,500 pieces, it seems they are flying off the shelves and out the door.

According to some news reports puzzles are harder to find online as manufacturers try to keep up with orders. Ordering locally does mean you will know if your choices are in stock and immediately available.

Stay home and stay occupied.

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