If there was ever a time for a diversion … it is now!

If there was ever a time for a diversion … it is now!

A diversion is truly welcome in these bewildering, isolating days of the pandemic.  By definition a diversion is “an activity that diverts the mind from serious concerns.”

Google’s Arts and Culture link is a polyglot of art and culture collections, history, games and phone apps.  You can tour centuries of paintings based on the predominant colour by clicking on a colour bar.  Take a trip to Rapa-Nui.  Find out how parmigiano cheese is made. View world class collections of relics and ancient artifacts or street art, architecture, photography, magic and more.

Google’s site has apps that allow you to match a selfie with a famous painting or decorate your home with famous paintings.  From Vermeer to Kandinsky and music to dinosaurs, there is something for everyone.  The site is huge and bookmark worthy.

A tour of world class museums certainly qualifies as a diversion.  Something that can provoke emotions, please the eye and soothe the soul, taking us away from the very real concerns of the day.  A very welcome way to spend some time.

There are some links with curated groups of museums and galleries and others that are stand alone.  The Guardian 10 Best Museum and Art Gallery Virtual Tours list includes the National Gallery in London, the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, the Vatican and the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in South Korea.  Just click on the descriptive link in the text for each site.  There are apps as well so you can share it with the kids.

One of the first museums to launch a virtual tour was the Hermitage in St. Petersburg, Russia. Tsar Peter’s port on the west is home to the Russian State Museum and the Marinksy Theatre. The 360 Degree Virtual Tour includes Greek, Roman, Italian, Bronze Age, Asian and historical Russian and Empire collections as well as more modern additions including the iconic Kandinsky

That’s a start on the virtual world of diversions.

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