Feds channel New Horizons funds for COVID-19

Feds channel New Horizons funds for COVID-19

The federal government continues to find ways to shuffle more dollars into the COVID-19 response.

Earlier this month Deb Schulte, Minister of Seniors, informed recipients of the last round of New Horizons for Seniors Program(s) (NHSP) that funds could be used to provide immediate, essential services to seniors in their communities.

More than 30 Victoria-area community organizations and groups received grants up to $25,000 in the past month for project proposals submitted last year. The groups can now rededicate those funds to provide support to seniors impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The grants that were designated for specific projects, such as community seniors programs and upgrades to existing facilities, can now be used to help seniors remain safe during the COVID-19 response by:
Providing electronic devices including smart phones, promoting computer literacy, virtual programs and remote tutorials to help seniors stay connected throughout their isolation; providing aid to deliver food and medicines to seniors in isolation and moral support with phone calls; assisting with essential trips from home such as medical appointments:
hiring staff to replace senior volunteers who are unavailable due to the pandemic; and, providing information to seniors on caring for themselves during the pandemic.

NHSP is intended to promote volunteerism among seniors, support seniors as mentors, expand awareness of elder abuse, encourage social participation by seniors and fund new and existing community projects for seniors.

Local lawn bowling clubs, Canadian Legions, Our Place, the Jewish Community Centre, Women’s Transition House Society, Goward House and the Eldercare Foundation are among the community groups that received grants at the end of March.

A timely loosening of the regulatory strings enables these groups to immediately target these funds on emergent needs in the senior community in the CRD.

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